“Five Stars!

To an almost embarrassing litany of superlative reports MUST be added hosannas for the performance of Bob Bakert and his assemblage of extraordinarily gifted musicians. Standing O, encore, another standing O, and signed up on the spot for another performance next year.

Trading turns on jazzy riffs and covering classics from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s, folk chestnuts done in contemporary style, and original songs by Bob, any of these captivating artists could have carried solo concerts of their own.

Bob Bakert led, sang, and played electric and acoustic guitar. He was masterful in explaining the musical relationships of a jazz ensemble. Mark Tucker played an alternately supportive and lead keyboard. Chris Riggenbach was impressive on rhythm and melodic double bass. And Marla Feney! Oh, my! So sweet and soaring on violin and flute, and simply arresting on soprano and alto saxophone.

I couldn’t be more delighted than to report their return booking fall 2016.”

Acoustics at Oaks End Concerts

“Everyone loved you guys. Beautiful evening. Everyone wants you back! Thank-YOU!”

– Shelia Quattlebaum, East of Austin

“One of my favorite concerts ever!”

– Sally Boice

“Saw your trio tonight, at East of Austin, Villa Rica, GA. We all loved you all!”

– Stephanie Lynch

“Bob Bakert has a passion for music.

He is a phenomenal guitarist whether playing his original work or favorites that the crowd can sing along with. He makes it look easy, but you know that kind of talent only comes from a lifetime of dedication and practice. Putting together his wonderful voice, talent on guitar and his stage presence, you just have a great all around entertainer. Bob is a regular at the Common Grounds Coffee House. You know the music is good when people are dancing in the kitchen.”

– Janet Lacey, Common Grounds Coffee House

“Bob Bakert is a Must See!

Bob Bakert is a progressive guitarist who’s musical dexterity ranges from homegrown folk to sizzling jazz. If you haven’t had the opportunity to experience his exceptional style, his performance is a must see.”

– Julie West, Heron House

“What a great show!

I didn’t expect to hear Autumn Leaves, Shenandoah and Crossroads in the same night, but they fit together perfectly the way this band fleshed them out with gorgeous instrumentals. These guys can play anything and everything – and they pretty much do – and as they meandered through different eras and styles of music, I found myself imagining all the tunes I’d like to hear them play another time. I hope they’ll do more shows like this.”

– Shelley Satonin-Hershkovits

“What a great set.

You guys were amazing!”

– Jim Combs, Lena’s Place Coffeehouse

“We really enjoyed your great music.”

– Patricia Shannon

“Bob, you are a great musician and a patron of the arts!

We are so grateful to be a part of music at the Hungry Ear Coffee House.”

– John Huston

“Bob Bakert, you are a super-perceptive player!!

Loved every note.”

– Rita Graham

“Happy Birthday to Two Unsung Heroes!

I just wanted to take a moment to shout birthday wishes to a couple of our favorite humans. Guitarist/vocalist Bob Bakert and GSU faculty member/drummer Justin Varnes. These are two of the smartest, most productive, most energetic, most caring and committed individuals I know. Both have watched over The Velvet Note and our staff like guardian angels and we would be nowhere without them. Happy Birthday, Gentlemen!”

– Fuller Living, The Velvet Note